Our hunt for ex-Redcoat

WOULD it be possible to assist a friend and myself trying to trace a friend who lived in the Chesterfield area in the late 1970s. We were dancers together at Butlins Filey in 1976.

Myself, Alyson, Jackie and Janet spent a very happy season together. Recently Alyson has found me through Facebook, we are close to finding Jackie, but Janet is proving elusive as (we are ashamed to admit) we just can’t remember her surname. Alyson and I are attending a big Butlins reunion in Scarborough, in October, and although we appreciate not everyone likes reliving the past, we thought it would be wonderful if the four of us were together again as some of the Redcoats we knew that year will also be there. Even if the reunion isn’t of interest to the other two it would be nice to get in touch.

Thank you.

VANESSA MORGAN (Hill in 1976)

By email