Ordinary folk who must pay

RECENT letters deplore the cancellation of EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance); the need to work longer to gain a pension and demand sackings of “bureaucrats” to save money.

Earlier, the Times reported the withdrawing of funding from the Unemployed Workers Centre. The press reports an avalanche of library closures, bus routes cancelled, debt-counselling services withdrawn, etc.

“Derbyshire First”, the County Council paper, lists a series of service withdrawals which impact on the disabled and on transport services used by those who cannot drive – the young, the old, and the disabled.

Ah, but it’s all right, Derbyshire First boldly tells us they “Aim to be fair and offer value” and “it’s all for one and one for all”.

I think they should be referred to the Trades Descriptions Act for such effrontery. The DCC is Tory controlled. The people with most influence in the Tory party are the city financiers whose reckless risk taking led to the banking crisis. The people who are paying for the crisis through unemployment and cuts in services are ordinary working people who had not the slightest part in causing the crisis.

Unfortunately, New Labour also had unwavering faith in the bankers. Blair has gone, but Blairism seems still to be alive.

Prospective Labour candidates need to realise, votes won’t drop into their laps, they have to be seen to be leading opposition to the robbery of the people to bail out the rich.


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