Off-roaders threaten tranquillity of Peaks

YOUR article (Derbyshire Times, May 12) asks ‘Are there problems with off-roading in Derbyshire?’

You must be joking! The whole of the Peak District is plagued by 4x4s and trail bikes which descend on Derbyshire at the weekend causing nuisance, noise, danger to other users and severe environmental damage.

Some of this is legal, much of it is illegal and is on footpaths, bridleways or restricted byways. Wherever it takes place off-roading is causing, throughout rural Derbyshire, damage, danger to walkers, cyclists and horse riders, massive ruts on green lanes and disturbance to wildlife. It is ruining the tranquillity of the Peak Park and threatening its reputation as a visitor destination. Individuals and organisations have now formed a campaign group to oppose offroading throughout the Peak and to press for robust action against it. The Peak District Green Lanes Alliance is about to launch a membership campaign. We will welcome everyone and anyone who wants to join us in saying to the Peak Park and DCC ‘Enough is Enough’.

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Peak District Green Lanes Alliance