Not seeing the public viewpoint

I HAVE read and listened to councillors and what they say is right for Chesterfield.

I’m sorry, but they don’t seem to be on the same page as us, the public.

I was brought up in Chesterfield and the town centre was a buzzing place to shop.

We had a market hall that was busy, we had a market that also was very busy, and that was down to traders selling things that were cheaper than the average shop, the stalls were concentrated in two places, the main market and the little market.

What the powers that be failed to see was, when you rejuvenate an area it is never the hub that gets the rejuvenation it’s the outside, which then take most of the businesses with it, leaving a void that does not get filled again, and that is what Chesterfield has done.

On Saturday, I was reading the Our Town, and reading what Cllr John Burrows and Peter Swallow, chair of Destination Chesterfield had to offer.

Before work starts on the market hall, it might be a good idea to find people to fill it.

Showing a very nice row of stalls at the top of the market in their pretty coverings, what can they do to fill the inside of the market.

One might find a couple of ‘flea market’ stalls and the rest empty. What ideas have the councillor and the chair to bring back traders to the market?

The market has been allowed to spread too far through the town centre, taking the stalls away from the ‘Historic Chesterfield Market’ where they sell goods that can be found at the same price elsewhere, so where’s the incentive to buy in town?

Mr Fletcher

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