No respect for elderly: Help put this issue right

On Sunday, June 23, my wife and I boarded the 16.39 train from Manchester to Chesterfield.

All the seats apart from two were labelled reserved. We sat in those and saw a metal sign above the seat which said ‘priority seating for disabled people’.

My wife is 70 years of age and I am 82, we are both disabled and have to walk with sticks. We can only walk short distances.

Two young women stopped at our seats holding two reserved seat labels and they said they had reserved the seats. They were told that we were disabled and that the seats were for disabled passengers and also had no labels on them.

They did not accept this and became abusive. That upset my wife very much.

When we arrived at Chesterfield, we went to the East Midlands Train enquiry office and told them what had happened. They said that when seats are reserved that no notice is taken of any seats which says priority seat for disabled passengers. Surely this is wrong?

G. Shaw