No consistency on recycling

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I feel that I have to comment on the decision of NE Derbyshire District Council to withdraw community plastics recycling facilities.

Their excuse is that there has been a drop in their use since the introduction of the burgundy household bin.

This is short-sighted because the burgundy bin only caters for plastic bottles, and no other plastic containers such as food packaging.

Now, instead of walking to a bin while collecting a paper, we are expected to drive to waste centres or deposit said items in the ordinary waste black bin.

Chesterfield issues a blue bin for all plastic material, why is there no consistency in recycling.

When recycling was introduced, we were told it would reduce the council tax burden, we have not seen much of that in recent years.

NE Derbyshire spent a considerable amount of tax payers’ money distributing these bins yet only collect a fraction of the plastic produced.

John Martin