Nice day out turned so nasty

I AM writing as I have a blue badge, and the case about the wardens.

I had been in hospital for seven months, very ill in intensive care.

My daughter and I decided to go into Chesterfield town centre for my first time out.

We parked up, and displayed my blue badge, got a ticket and put them on the dash board.

My daughter got my wheelchair out, the wind must have blown my ticket over, so the time was not visible, but didn’t realise until we returned back and a ticket was on the windscreen.

We rang as soon as we got home.

I was so distressed as it turned a nice day to horrible one.

I explained the situation but they didn’t want to know - they must have some real hard-faced people.

We all don’t make things up. I tell the truth. I still had to pay the fine, I have not been in Chesterfield since.

S. Mosley

New Tupton