Narrow-minded parking rules

I know that many people will be concerned at the escalating cost of parking at Chesterfield station.

I thought that you might be interested to know that East Midlands trains have thought up another way of extracting cash from their customers.

Yesterday I was given a fixed notice penalty for failing to park within the marked bay.

Yes - I was guilty - partly because I needed to make sure that I could get into my car when I returned at 10pm last night.

I have limited mobility and have often failed to get in on the driver’s side and in one case was not able to get in at all.

In addition yesterday the car park was half empty. There seemed to be over 50 taxis blocking all the roads around the station and I was running late.

It also takes me a while to walk across to the car park.

I would have thought that a warning notice would have been sufficient. When the car park is busy you often cannot park within a bay anyway as the bays are far too narrow.


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