Name and shame...

I AM in complete agreement with the editor’s note in rejecting Cllr Maureen Davenport’s criticism.

I do not think it is morally wrong for the Derbyshire Times to print ‘Reports from the Courts’. It is not illegal to report the facts, is it?

I, and no doubt most people, would have more respect for people in authority if someone in Cllr Davenport’s position would have stated that first and foremost they support decent, honest people who have never been in court for wrongdoing and have suffered by those who have violated the law.

You do not see many letters from people who are ashamed and sorry for victimising others.

Maybe the councillor could help them to write such letters and the Derbyshire Times can publish one or two of them.

Now that is a moral challenge for her.


Stoney Middleton