MPs have more important issues

I feel I have to respond to Mr S D Lomas’s letter featured in Times Talk, February 23), ‘Ban Outdoor Cats’ about pet owners not picking up faeces, which I was totally amazed to read.

Firstly, I’m assuming Mr Lomas has never owned a cat, otherwise he would know that cats are territorial like many animals and are letting other cats know their territory purely by instinct.

Secondly, unlike dogs, cats are naturally free-roaming animals and always have been which, by their very nature, cannot and are not supposed to be walked on a lead. Therefore, owners are unable to follow them around with a scooper bag like dog owners do.

Most cats tend to bury their urine or faeces when possible anyway and can’t be trained to use certain areas.

Mr Lomas sounds as though he feels he is being victimised but cats really do not have the capacity to think that way

Of course I agree that any animal faeces is a health hazard but does Mr Lomas plan to now implement a ban on foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and all other animals which roam our gardens who also produce faeces and to also make it illegal for them to be outdoors too?

The decline in the bird population is NOT entirely due to cats catching them which, I might add, is also another instinct over which they have no control.

Some are declining due to disease and the way humans have gradually deprived birds of their natural food and habitat. EVERY insect and animal is in Nature’s food chain, Mr Lomas, even humans are when we die! One creature eats the next and so it goes on.

I’m hoping that any local MP will have more sense than to be bothered by people wishing to support the introduction of a law making it illegal for cats to be outdoors due to defecation and the suggestion that the decimation of the wildlife population is due entirely to cats.

The MPs really do have much more important things to deal with, Mr Lomas.


Limekiln Fields