Morrisons face public

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After attending the exhibition at the council offices on Wednesday November 2, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of council officials.

This left the Morrisons representatives having to face an onslaught of annoyed residents whose argument was not really with Morrisons but the council.

The outcome seemed to be that the need to sell the offices was due to running costs being too high. What a shame the council did not think of this before embarking on constructing such an elaborate building, even going through the charade of having a royal opening.

On moving to Bolsover, the council managed to erect a prefabricated structure on the other side of the Kitchen Croft, once again against residents wishes. This was classed as temporary but was quite adequate. What a pity they did not stay there instead of wasting our money on this white elephant.

When will they listen to the people of Bolsover: we need facilities to benefit the community not to be the dumping ground for the area.

J Thompson

By email