More blues over bins

After reading the comments of Derbyshire Times readers I felt compelled to add my view.

When we first received our bin, we were pleased that finally all we could recycle would not be ending up as landfill. Weeks later we are frustrated and annoyed with the whole idea.

Last week we put our bin out, alongside a pile of cardboard from Christmas. A brick was placed on it so that the wind would not blow it all over the place.

Before the lorry arrived the lid had blown open, littering the whole area, cardboard boxes racing down the road.

The bins themselves appear to be cheaply made and the lid never seems to fit well despite which way you place the cardboard insert in.

Overall,we feel that the Council has almost discouraged us from recycling cardboard as there is not enough space to giving too much room for the plastic.

I would like to know why other councils in the area allow residents to put cardboard in the main compartment of their equivalent blue bin.

The emptying of the green bin at this time of year is virtually non-existent, so is this not wasting vital tax payer’s money by deploying a team of workers who have no bins to empty?

Mrs A Gibson