Menace of bad parking

IT is commendable that you have started the Respect on the Roads campaign, but there is more to it than expecting drivers to drive courteously to other drivers and accident prevention between vehicles.

Accessibility for the pedestrian and disabled people is also required, as so often people with sensory impairments, in a wheelchair, using push chairs and pedestrians in general have to manoeuvre around cars blocking their way and end up walking on the road, much to the annoyance of the motorists passing by.

Guide dogs are trained to take their owners away from the obstruction.

Another issue that affects road use is the way that pedestrians, people who have mobility problems etc, have to walk on the road to avoid obstructing bins which can often be left out will beyond bin day.

A recent campaign in Bedford, carried out by the local borough council together with disabled people’s organisations (eg RNIB) encouraged residents to remove their bins as quickly as they could from the pavement outside their house to leave it clear for pedestrians.

I acknowledge too that usually residents put their bins out in such manners as to take up as little of the pavement as possible and all in a line, but the over stretched bin men, often working to an unrealistic time schedule contract, do not have the opportunity to put the bins back in the same place.

These bins can cause big problems and I’ve heard that disabled people often do not even try to go out on bin day in their area, whatever colour the bins are.

Local councils listen please and carry out some education for us all to realise we’re all in it together.

Paula Elliott