Meeting with taxi boss will reap benefits

I suggested my “plain talking” letter last week would draw some criticism.

It has!

I have already met, at my request, face to face with David Hopton of the Chesterfield Hackney Cabs Association, a two way full and frank discussion took place.

I am impressed with his knowledge and drive to promote Chesterfield, improve the lot of drivers, and willingness to accept the changes required from Hackney drivers to improve the image of Chesterfield, including an agreed dress code.

His motivation is not increase in personal profit, and I therefore apologise for asking that question last week.

I have agreed to personally attend the consultative process already in place between us and work with the Hackney and Private hire people who attend.

There will be a two way dialogue aimed at improving the service in Chesterfield, and the image of our town to incoming business and tourist visitors.

I thank you for the opportunity to inform the public of the inclusiveness of this council and look forward to responses from others which I expect.

John Burrows

Executive Leader of the Council

Labour Member Brimington (North)