Meeting that brought to mind Monty Python

HAVING sat through Derbyshire County Council’s last full meeting, where decimating cuts were made to several care and advice services I remembered a 1970s Monty Python sketch.

It involved a pantomime horse and a theatre manager. The manager told the two men in the horse that one of them would be thrown on the dole, and the other one must work twice as hard to keep his job. He added, ‘and true to the great traditions of British capitalism, you can fight it out between yourselves who goes.’

The circumstances at the council meeting were similar, but not at all funny. On the one hand we have a Tory-led council hell-bent on cutting and doing their Government’s bidding, and on the other we have people so vulnerable they can’t stick up for themselves. I’m referring to people that are ill, unemployed or both. The council didn’t cut its grant aid to Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centres, and the well-respected TRUST - they wiped it out. The council’s argument was tenuous to say the least, whilst DUWC’s and TRUST put up compelling economic arguments. But to no avail. The Tories had be marshalled beforehand and voted along political lines and not to conscience. Cut out this letter, put it somewhere safe, and come polling day, consider the words, and vote accordingly.