Markham Senior opposed unions

In response to Mr Robinson’s letter (Times Talk, March 1). It is right that we should have different views and opinions on the Markham family contribution to Chesterfield history.

However, it is important that such views be based on correct information.

The grave referred to in Staveley cemetery, is of course that of Charles P. Markham, 1865-1926, it must be pointed out though, that several comments made do not relate to him at all, but to his father Charles Markham Snr, 1823-1888.

It was Charles Markham (Snr) who opposed to Miners’ Union formation in 1865, bearing in mind his controlling influence on several mines in the area. The mind-boggling referred to, is that of Charles Markham (Snr) who died in 1888.

Charles P. Markham (Jnr) chose to be buried in Staveley cemetery close to his works and with his workers. Charles P Markham did leave a Markham Trust to pay for the upkeep, not of his own grave, but of the family graves, including those of his parents, at Tapton.

The centenary of this burial ground is celebrated on April 20, 2012.