Market horse could be a great river attraction

ndet 94722 Chesterfield canal new section & basin open at Staveley
ndet 94722 Chesterfield canal new section & basin open at Staveley

I’m surprised, I have not heard the following ideas about how Ben could contribute to the New Chesterfield we are about to see.

We have just opened a new stretch of the Chesterfield Canal.

How lovely it would be for Ben to be seen pulling a barge along the canal giving rides to exited visitors, contributing and raising awareness about times past and contributing to our green initiatives.

He could be part of our living museum and, I feel sure would attract many visitors who would be happy to pay a few pounds each for a ride in his barge.

He could also give leisure rides around the town, and maybe even in Queens Park, more green and leisurely than that old rattly diesel train.

He could even operate a horse drawn tram as in days of yore.

Yes he would earn his keep that way, take the pressure off community funds and who knows we may even be able to apply for some of our money back from the EU in the way of a grant for this enterprise.

We preserved the cobbled market, we kept the original facades of the buildings around the Market Square.

Why should Ben have to go?

This way Ben will help create jobs and create revenue for his upkeep and care. What a wonderful solution that would be.

Could we even see some more little Bens on the way to follow in his hoof steps?

If we are serious about preserving some of the original Chesterfield, I do not see how we can do that justice unless a shire horse is given pride of place.

James Goldsmith