Market Hall revamp will cost jobs and business

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With reference to the revamp of the market hall in Chesterfield, I agree that the market hall needs an overhaul, but at the planning meeting last Monday we heard that there were no birds or bats that would be disturbed!

And the trees in New Square would have a few branches cut off so the temporary building could be put in place!

But, there was no mention of the upset to the people who work there, and the loss of business to at least two of the occupants, namely Julie’s snack bar and the upstairs cafe that has been there longer than I can remember, these people and their employees will be out of work.

We know there is to be a cafe put in, but as it will have no kitchen as such, I take it that it will be yet another frothy coffee shop, of which Chesterfield has quite a few already. Has anyone bothered to ask the people who use these cafes in the Market Hall what they would like?

I also am at a loss to know of how anyone can run a business from a mobile pod that we are led to believe will be moved if the council need to put a display there.

And my last comment is, who is going to occupy the offices? As I understand it, they will be for new businesses only. There are already lots of empty properties some of which are owned by the council. Yes it will look very nice but please don’t forget those who have carried on there businesses and given good service to the people of Chesterfield.

Barbara Wallace