Manor College - the debate continues

I am concerned about the future of the Manor College site.

The real problem concerning the site is in danger of being lost in a welter of misconceptions.

The extension of the town’s conservation area to include Manor College does not mean that the building cannot be demolished. However, it does mean that any new building on the site has to be in keeping with the surrounding area.

The site is a prominent one and any new building of this size will have a visual impact over a wide area.

This is why it is important that the site is in the conservation area. The design of the proposed new building and the materials used in its construction are quite inappropriate for this site.

Many people would like to retain the façade of the building; no one is objecting to a new surgery.

Janet Murphy


WHY the council feel that this building is worth conserving beggers belief.

I went to school there and it was a horrible building even then and would be totaly unsuitable for the needs of the surgery.

We presume this is the same council that has put no-parking all around the current surgery and supposedly have already given permission for the demolition. Come on council ,can you not look after your residents a little better and let us have our much needed surgery

Ian & Stevie Mitchell

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