“Manners maketh man”

IS there any wonder why “Name and Address supplied” who visits the Jobcentre, visits the establishment (‘Surely I have the right to keep my hat on’, Times Talk, February 24).

Such bigots as he who do not recognise common courtesy, politeness and decorum will remain jobless for life.

It has been and always will be respectable for a gentleman to remove his hat on entering a building. Were he to be invited for a job interview and sit down wearing his hat, would he not wonder, on vacating the premises, within a minute, why he was still unemployed?

His next consideration to take on board “Human rights” is just ludicrous. Let him go to the court and tell the Judge he is a bigot, uncouth, disrespectful and totally ignorant of personal manners, and his rights and freedom as an unemployed person is being used against him, all because he cannot be bothered to be civil. I have one piece of advice to this person, “Manners maketh man”