Lowest paid hit hardest: Support staff will suffer

Regarding the verbal game of tennis unfolding between academic unions at Chesterfield College and the Principal;

May I remind readers that the majority of redundancies at the college are from the lower paid support staff that now as always face compulsory redundancies that will destroy homes, lives and livelihoods. The college support staff are no less dedicated nor less responsible for the excellent and hard won reputation that the college enjoys. Indeed, the entire staff from one area that has twice obtained an OFSTED excellent rating are also some of those facing the loss of their jobs.

I accept that the college is in an exceptionally difficult position with funding cuts and a shrinking demographic from which to enrol. I do deplore however the fact that unions for both academic and support staff were only involved once decisions had been made and can only feel that this reflects badly on senior management and the college corporation.

I wholeheartedly agree with my colleagues from UCU and NASUWT that the job losses are not necessary and were entirely avoidable. I share their disappointment and disillusionment at a solution that lacks finesse, but most importantly heart. I can only quote from the bible, “What shall it benefit a man if he gain the whole world yet lose his soul?”

D.E Siddon

Address supplied.