Lots of ways we can improve our town

After the recent success of Chesterfield FC, I feel it’s time to applaud the Borough Council and Urbo regeneration for the vision and courage to go ahead with the fantastic Waterside Development.

Our town will soon become a much more vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting place to live.

But as with any expanding town/city, there is need to improve the variety of leisure on offer. As a young adult, bars, restaurants, football and the gym are fine up to a point, but there’s little else to do within the town. And it’s the same for younger travellers. The travel guides got it spot on and they shouldn’t be dismissed!

So I’d like to throw some ideas into the ring. As part of the proposed Donut development; a 3 or 4 storey centre (including food court) fronted by a stylish casino opposite the Blue Bell. Such a casino would offer an alternative, ‘classy’ night out attracting clientele from miles around, adding variety to the Chesterfield night scene.

A ‘centretainment’ similar to the one in Sheffield (and planned for rotherham~), located across from the cinema would compliment the Alma Leisure Park; to include an arcade, ‘laser quest’ and an ice skating rink. Paintballing and water sports eg canoeing are also prospects for the future.

It’s not until we get creative that we’ll start to compete with the likes of York, Derby and Nottingham, attracting the younger traveller, bringing vital money into the town.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my town as much as the next guy but I see lots of ways Chesterfield can be improved and I’m sure you can too.

So, while the rest of Britain hunkers down to the austerity measures, let’s get our thinking caps on and make Chesterfield a better place to live and visit.

D. Shaw