Looking over my shoulder? I think not...

IN response to ex Cllr Paul Mann (‘So, how will we pay for it?’ Times Talk, May 19).

He really should first read what has been said, rather than interpret what he wishes. If there is a budgetary problem, why was his party telling the electorate that £7m was stashed away in reserves? (I haven’t found it yet). Highways went back to DCC because they are the statutory agency and insisting it was returned as was the case with all other district councils. It was in fact his group in control that were outsourcing everything, supporting this coalition in government on everything, and from whom we have rescued the two leisure centres from private hands. We already have the basics of an emergency plan in place that we shortly will be sharing with the public and asking for their voluntary involvement. We are already getting into discussions with the voluntary sector on how best we can work with them.We will of course, as always, work within available budgets to deliver innovation and fairness for all. Not bad for the first three weeks. Looking over my shoulder? I think not!


Executive Leader of the Council

Labour Member Brimington (North)