Lights out?

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Where does the Derbyshire Times stand (Lights Out? October 13). It’s headline is irresistibly tabloid and frightening.

Then comes its editorial comment supporting Derbyshire County Council. Is this another ‘improvement’ scheme, like Winter Maintenance, which is complicated and potentially dangerous...

Graham Ullathorne

Lower Pilsley

£400k is not going to repair the massive cuts in social care and jobs, nor will it stop people worrying about their safety in the early morning whether they have to go out (quite likely for work) or in their own homes (perhaps elderly).

Another Times reported in 1881, that Chesterfield was in darkness due to a dispute between the borough and gas company over price. This led to progress, the installation of cheaper electric street lighting.

The Derbyshire Times would be better to campaign against the outrageous profits made by the energy companies out of each and every one of us today. With lower prices Derbyshire County Council could afford their electricity bill and people in fuel poverty.

Graham Ullathorne,

Lower Pilsley,