LETTERS: The EU, devolution and terrorism...this week’s best letters.

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As ever the Derbyshire Times’ postbag and inbox has been bursting with readers’ thoughts on all things Chesterfield and a few issues from further afield too.

Here are just some of the best letters from this week...

Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Brian Daniels of Citizens Commission on
Human Rights (UK), wrote in with his view that suicide bombers are made, not born. Read his letter here

The devolution debate continued. Alan Craw reckons little light is being shed on the matter of devolution. Read his letter here.

While David Moore says prosperity shouldn’t be a postcode lottery. Read his thoughts here.

And Philip Riden had his say. Read his letter here.

The EU was again a popular topic. B.Hodgson asked will there be enough money for us? Read more here.

And Mrs K. Gibb reckons money sent to the EU should be spent here instead. Read her reasons here.