LETTER: You can’t pick up poo on a horse ride

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In response to the letter and photo recently in the Derbyshire Times letters page.

Mrs Bailey, I do agree that horses should not be ridden on the pavements but unfortunately sometimes we are forced onto the pavements by traffic or from the horse getting spooked.

Parking bays in South Shields.

Parking bays in South Shields.

However, to expect riders to dismount to pick up poo is just ridiculous. To think we should stop our horse, dismount and pick it up, with one hand as other hand holding the horse, probably hold up traffic or have it flying past with irate drivers, find a bin then re-mount is just not possible. Perhaps I could ask a passing member of the public like Mrs Bailey to hold my 16,2 brute of a horse whilst I poo pick, then you could take the poo with you and put it on your roses.

Disgruntled horse rider

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