LETTER: What was so special about cycle race?

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Just what is so special about a cycle race that justified the closure of major roads in Chesterfield on a Friday?

Someone somewhere should be held to account for the loss of access to homes and businesses and loss of earnings suffered by people trying to work, make deliveries etc., on the busiest day of the week.

Maybe the cyclists could pay for the luxury of having everyone come to a halt for them simply to pursue a sport.

In a town such as Chesterfield where anyone can see that businesses are closing down every day through poor planning, in my view, by our authorities and extortionate rates, leaving a skeleton of the town it used to be, who in their right mind would decide it was a good idea to close major roads to no advantage for the town whatsoever?

Can we please hold a referendum the next time the council want to close our roads for a sporting activity, and compensation for loss of earnings too please?

Irene Day