LETTER: What more do you need on CV of terror?

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I have been deeply troubled by the awful terrorist attack in Manchester and the Government’s inability to prevent it.

Seems to me that the authorities knew an awful lot about the bomber, both prior to and immediately after the attack, for example they knew the identity of the man two hours after he had atomised himself with his own bomb.

The police picked up his associates within a matter of days. It has been widely reported that he has fought in the Libyan civil war in his school holidays as a teenager and he has been reported to the authorities on at least three occasions by concerned members of the public for holding extremist views. 
Just what do you need on your curriculum vitae of terror to become a person of interest to the authorities?
In all this time he has been allowed to shuttle between war torn Libya and Manchester completely unhindered.
Questions need asking of the Government of how it, in my view, has allowed this to happen.

Answers to these questions need to be known now, not 30 years later when those responsible are either dead or safely in receipt of a very generous state pension.

Stephen Lee

By email