LETTER: What is happening to Derbyshire cricket?


What is happening to Derbyshire cricket? It has finally hit rock bottom. Poor performances week after week, year after year, getting worse each season. The players, apart from Ben Slater and Harvey Hosein, who both should be the nucleus of a massive rebuilding programme, sacking the rest of them. Welch and his backroom staff need to go, and those who run Derbyshire cricket should also follow, no wonder Footitt is jumping ship.

I had followed Derbyshire cricket since the mid-50s and supported them home and away when I could. But when they decided to take cricket away from Chesterfield, lock stock and barrel to Derby, I made up my mind I would never watch Derbyshire cricket again, which I have maintained until this very day. For me this is when the rot set in for Derbyshire cricket.
After treating Derbyshire supporters in this way, they then have the nerve to play at Queen’s Park for a lucrative payday in July, so they obviously know where the support lies. T20, Mickey Mouse cricket has also put a nail in the coffin of Championship and Test cricket, no wonder we struggle to put out a decent England side. Derbyshire also putting out a side with over payed under performing stars. I would much prefer to see local talent playing for the badge, in Minor Counties cricket, and the way Derbyshire cricket is going we might not have to wait too long.

David Pickering,

Stonegrabels, Chesterfield