LETTER: We live in such a selfish world

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Recently my husband and myself tried to get a parking space outside the Portland Hotel where there are very few bays for disabled nowadays thanks to our the madness of our local council, which has given at least 50 per cent to taxis and loading.

We park here when possible as it is a pretty flat walk along the town centre. When we arrived, all bays were taken. We waited about five minutes and a female came walking back to a rather large silver-coloured car, put bags in the back seat then opened the front door and started talking to someone sat in the driver’s seat, then walked off again. Five minutes after, another couple came and moved another car, we struggled but managed to take this space as these bays do not have space to unload if you have a wheelchair. I have to park over space for disabled so I can get my husband out then drive the car into the bay, same long winded job when we get back. There is only one space which is ideal for us over the opposite side of the road where there is one bay on its own with a loading bay at the side and we have space for the wheelchair.

Getting back to the selfish couple in the silver coloured car, as we reversed out of the space we were in, I looked at this car which was still parked on the bay for disabled and was disgusted to see they had sat in the car got a flask out and were having a drink. Why could they not have considered other disabled people, moved off and had a drink elsewhere?

We live in such a selfish world today and I don’t think things will get any better.

Chesterfield resident

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