LETTER: We cannot live like the Amish

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Well, there I was in the library theatre as promised to Paul King, at the showing of Naiomi Kliens’ film ‘This Changes Everything’ on February 17, and based on my visit I would have to say that the members of the Chesterfield Climate Change Alliance are a very well intended gathering of like-minded people. 
On a foul night the evening was very well attended with copies of the Guardian and New Socialist being there in abundance.

The film itself was a powerful, well shot, emotive, thought provoking epic but was clearly, in my view, stage managed as any so-called climate change disbeliever like myself would have recognised.

The film to me seemed to focus on footage of minerals being extracted from the earth in Montana, Canada, Greece, India, Germany and China but any link to so-called climate change was at best tenuous and negative in value in my opinion.

Our world in its modern state exists on a capitalist driven industry that liberals/socialists obviously abhor. 
The truth is we need to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer and even the Chinese recognise that.

Meanwhile we drive petrol/diesel cars, sit on plastic chairs in the library theatre and read supplied literature produced from trees. Clearly until we find the Holy Grail we can’t live like the Amish. We need to continue what we are doing which as with everything comes at a price and get used to the changing weather patterns outside our own back door which have gone on since time immemorial.

Eric Treece

By email