LETTER: Stop horses riding on pavement

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I am an animal lover, I like horses, I like to see them being ridden in the village where I live (Wingerworth ) provided that it’s where they should be, that being bridleways or public roads.

However of late we see more and more being ridden on the pavement, particularly along the A61 Derby Road corridor around Wingerworth.

The pavement is particularly narrow in places and when two, three or four horse riders are coming towards you then it places pedestrians who have a legal right of way in some danger.

In particular people with dogs or using mobility vehicles are at risk.

Recently I came across four horse riders in the vicinity of the Adlington estate at Wingerworth taking up the whole pavement, making it extremely difficult to walk past them. Furthermore one of the horses defecated just four yards from the bus stop opposite Mill Lane, Wingerworth.

Not very pleasant to walk through or be close to when going for the bus. I can understand why horse riders would be loathed to ride on Derby Road.

But riding on the pavement instead is a danger to pedestrians and should be stopped before an incident does occur which can’t be good for anyone or any horse concerned.

Keith Sutton

Concerned resident,