LETTER: Spaces are about access, not charges

Disabled parking space
Disabled parking space

Once again you have a correspondent (Mr Dean, February 16) complaining about car parking charges at hospitals etc for blue badge holders.

I would like to reiterate my comment of a few weeks ago, where I pointed out that blue badges are not means tested. These blue badges are issued in order to allow holders to access parking spaces as close as possible to where the holder wishes to go, shop, station, hospital, etc. 
It is only right and fair that these unfortunate people should indeed have access to these convenient parking spaces.

However, I must point out that not everyone with a problem which requires use of a blue badge is in a position where they cannot afford the steep parking charges. 
A similar cross section of people with blue badges who struggle with these charges is just the same as people who do not. A millionaire can be eligible for a blue badge. Therefore these unfortunate people should pay exactly the same as everyone else. I agree totally that some of the hospital parking charges are extortionate, but that is a different subject altogether.

Richard Madin