LETTER: So much has changed in Chesterfield

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I was interested to read in the March 10 edition of Derbyshire Times that the Wheatsheaf pub in Newbold is to be demolished. I was born in Chesterfield and lived there until our marriage in 1969. When I was a girl there were three pubs in Newbold Village – the Cross Daggers, (next door to which my father was born), the Nags Head and the Wheatsheaf. I know the Cross Daggers was demolished decades ago, and as I haven’t visited Newbold for years, I don’t know if the Nags Head still exists.

The old Wheatsheaf pub was originally built as a school in 1785, (Newbold School) and closed in 1862.

I remember my father telling me that his grandmother went to school there and had to pay three pence per week for slate and chalk etc. On a recent visit to Chesterfield, we were amazed to see how many buildings have closed or changed hands, including schools, over the past 40 years.

Margaret Girdwood

Bethesda, London Road,

Beccles, Suffolk.