LETTER: Sanforth Street parking row rumbles on


The definition of an access only road is one that ‘can be travelled upon to access the properties on that road only, not as a through road or parking area’. 
The traffic wardens have caught many a driver/parker using Shirland Street near the college for such reasons.

On a recent visit to my relative, whose property has no drive like the vast majority of properties on Sanforth Street, we were stopped by a policeman attempting to enforce the “no through road” law, who asked us what number we were visiting. He obviously knew the definition of “no entry except for access”, as do I.

The council has designated the status of the road for their own reasons, I suspect due to the narrowness of both road and pavements, and just because we pay road tax it does not entitle us to ignore the law. The suggestion that I use a car park is fatuous since there isn’t one within 800 yards, and whilst I have a legal reason to be on Sanforth Street these other drivers do not.

I will not be drawn into a pointless debate about small businesses and working hours, suffice to say I was not aware the council workers take their lunch breaks from 9.15 onwards.

Concerned relative

Name and address supplied