LETTER: Road closures will create no-go areas

I see once again the citizens of Chesterfield are going to be prevented from going about their lawful business on Sunday September 29, owing to the Chesterfield Marathon.

If the road closure signs prominently displayed all over the borough are anything to go by the town and many surrounding districts will be completely no go areas for motorists for much of the day.

Of course for many of us Sunday is no longer the day of rest and we have to use the road system and our cars to get to and from our places of work, which in some cases such as my own, involve multiple destinations.

Now it is very good of the council to give us such advanced and extensive notice (presumably at great expense) of this event that is apparently going to cause such travel disruption, but despite this notice there is little we can do to avoid it when essential and unavoidable routes appear to be closed. I also wonder how emergency vehicles cope on this day when so many roads will be closed to traffic.

Why is it necessary for this running around to cause large amounts of disruption year upon year?

Roads were originally designed for traffic, however despite the road fund motorists pay to be allowed to drive on them, it seems they are increasingly being used for other purposes these days. In addition to the marathon we have the half marathon and an increasing number of road races both by runners and cyclists on more and more Sundays. If they want to run around at the weekend by all means let them, but it really is time off-road routes were used. Either that or the runners and the cyclists started to pay for their use of the roads.

D. Wright

By email