LETTER: Reaction to Royal engagement shows times have changed

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When King Edward VIII decided to marry the beautiful, sexy, American divorceé in 1936 the powers that be, including the Church of England, forced him to abdicate. By all accounts he would have made a great king.

He was a friend of the many out-of-work folks and went to many poverty-stricken parts of the UK during the Depression of the 1930s. He encouraged at least 200,000 out-of-work folk to join in his back-to-work schemes.

King Edward was far more well-liked than his father King Goerge V who showed little interest in the ordinary folk of our country.

I feel it is more than likely that King Edward’s knowledge of, and interest in, politics could have brokered peace between us and Germany and kept us out of a disastrous war which left us with 67,000 civilians killed, 90,000 sent to hospital and almost half a million troops killed.

He had to abdicate and yet Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne, plans to marry a sexy, beautiful, American divorceé and everybody seems to think it is wonderful.

How times change.

Granville Stone