LETTER: Rape victim article was sensitive and compassionate

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I’m the husband of the complainant in the case against Terence John Beebe (‘Brave victim speaks out as rapist is jailed for 17 years, Derbyshire Times, October 5).

I just wanted to pass on to you the heartfelt thanks of both of us for the kind and compassionate way in which the Derbyshire Times has maintained contact throughout the ongoing case, and also for the way in which matters have been reported.

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Your own editorial sums up our own thoughts, and, hopefully, will go a good way towards encouraging other victims to come forward.

We’ve said all along how impressed we’ve been with my wife’s treatment by the Derbyshire Police and by the criminal justice system as a whole, but equally as impressive, and as much appreciated, has been your own involvement. Once again, thank you.​

Husband of complainant

By email