LETTER: Playing in European Youth Orchestra is once in a lifetime opportunity

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I am just writing to say thank you for the article that was included in last week’s Derbyshire Times about my upcoming trip to Darmstadt to play in the European Youth Orchestra.

I was very proud and shocked that I had been included in last week’s paper, however, had I been informed about my inclusion in the paper prior to its publication, I would have given a little bit more information on who else is actually going, and how we got the chance to go.

The other musician that will be playing in the European Youth Orchestra in Darmstadt is Hannah Knight, who is also 18 and is from Chesterfield. She will be playing the viola in the orchestra, and actually got a place before me.

She is a very talented musician who, like me, has been introduced to the European Youth Orchestra through the North East Derbyshire Music Centre (NEDMC).

We are both extremely grateful for all of the help and support that has been given to us by NEDMC, so we would like to praise all of the staff at the music centre for their continuous commitment and hard work to assist young musicians in achieving the best that they can.

NEDMC takes place on a Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Outwood Academy (formerly Newbold Secondary School) and has ensembles for players of all instruments and abilities, from a beginner level all the way up to the level of a Music student at university. Examples of their range of ensembles include a string orchestra, wind band and choir. Some of our other achievements that have been supported by NEDMC include playing in the city and county youth orchestra, as well as playing in a string quartet at this year’s Made In Derbyshire festival.

We would just like to take this chance to promote NEDMC as it does so much for their young musicians, and provide their musicians with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (like going to Darmstadt to play in the European Youth Orchestra).

Emily Caldwell

By email