LETTER: Pavement parking is worse here than in other areas

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Ralph Payne makes a good point (Letters, February 1). Chesterfield has become one of those towns where drivers park much more carelessly on pavements than in other parts of the country.

It restricts pedestrians, particularly the disabled and those who push children’s buggies. It’s a danger to cyclists and costs us all more money on council tax for pavement repairs. Worse, when drivers thoughtlessly park on grass verges, the result is muddy churned up wheel ruts and a sad sight for us all, destroying an amenity originally created by the council.

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When I visit family in Exeter, the difference is clear to see - there is very little pavement-parking, even in very narrow and busy bus routes.

This may be one of those towns where pavement parking is forbidden under bye-laws. In London for instance, anyone who parks one or more wheels of their car on a footpath or pavement is liable to £130 parking fine, and this is rigorously enforced.

Cliff Lea

Walton, Chesterfield