LETTER: Paper bags instead of plastic

plastic bags
plastic bags

I am feeling pretty agrieved at the moment at the government policy on plastic bags.

Whilst I fully understand the need to encourage reuse of bags,I do think that retailers have a duty to provide a paper bag for some items, i.e. clothing and household goods.

The money from the 5p charge per bag is purported to be going to charity, but the government has not ringfenced any specific amount for this purpose, and will be up to the discretion of the retailer, which can choose not to give any at all if they so wish.

Therefore consumers could find themselves financially helping companies out, instead of the needy. To buy a plastic bag defeats the object of preventing landfill, which takes 100 years to biodegrade.It also maintains planet and wildlife destruction, which is what the charge is supposed to be about.

At the moment only larger stores have to charge by law, but the smaller businesses can charge if they so desire and where there is money to be made it is open to abuse.As the consumer has already paid for a bag to carry clothing purchases, which incidently has a 100% mark up, I really begrudge walking out of a store with my purchases draped over my arms.Several people of the same mind as me have reported being stopped at the door by security because they are not displaying a bag, which used to be some way proof of purchase. I also begrudge buying a bag to advertise for large stores ,who can easily afford to provide a paper bag for large purchases. If Primark can supply brown paper degradable bags, why can’t all of the stores?

Once again it is the consumer who is out of pocket and I for one will be looking which retailers provide a paper bag for my purchases.

Disgruntled Shopper

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