LETTER: No excuse for abuse and vomiting in the street

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Having read the article in the Derbyshire Times on January 21 about the anti-social behaviour on Beetwell Street, I cannot understand how the authorities are allowing this to happen. 
If the police are aware then this should be clamped down on so that those involved realise it will not be tolerated.

As for the comment on page three, and I quote: “Wow what a lot of judgmental people. These are human beings who have fallen on hard times etc.”

What does that have to do with abusing passers by, vomiting and urinating in the street? Whether you have fallen on hard times or not this is no excuse.

Let’s hope the police get this sorted as quickly as possible, we want residents and visitors to feel safe in our town.

Stuart Yeowart

Newbold, Chesterfield