LETTER: Name footpath after Barrie Stevenson

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May I suggest, via your paper, that the people of Chesterfield be asked to name the new path being built between the railway station and the Queen’s Park.

I would also like to say that this idea for the path was first proposed at a Hasland and St Leonard’s Forum meeting many years ago when the local forums were individual for each ward in the borough.

It was ruled out then because the bridge that is having to be replaced had just been removed. Actually the rail company had offered it to the council who turned it down and so it was removed.

This was very short sighted by the council at the time and we in the forum said so, believing the walk was a great idea.

Getting back to naming the new path, this member of our forum back then saw the potential of this so that people coming into Chesterfield for all events in the Queen’s Park could just walk straight there from the station.

His name is Barrie Stevenson and he served on our Hasland and St Leonard’s forum overseeing all planning applications that happened in our ward and many other things relating to our ward he was a very busy man.

I have spoken to him about my idea. I did think Barrie’s Walk. I do think that better names could be Stevenson Walk

Stevenson Way. Although Barrie spells his surname Stevenson it could be connected to George Stephenson, the same name spelt differently.

This would show how two different men of Chesterfield have helped Chesterfield to their best ability.

Adrian Mather

Alexandra Road East

Spital, Chesterfield