LETTER: ‘Men were taking drugs in Chesterfield street in broad daylight’

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I have to say I was absolutely disgusted on Saturday morning. I walked from the Riverside Retail Park to the town centre via the bus shelter opposite the registrar office to see in broad daylight a group of foreign men (easily identified by their language) blatantly taking drugs. 
Looked like something out of a movie. They had pipes and cigarette lighters and inhaling the fumes through a plastic bottle. One man was so stoned he dropped the plastic bottle and it rolled to the feet of an elderly lady waiting for the bus.

Where the hell are the police? Since when has it been okay to do this in broad daylight in front of innocent people minding their own business?

Being a local from birth I find this unacceptable and find our casualness to this sort of behaviour quite astounding.

The police need to up their game and do-gooders need to wake up and see what’s happening around them. We seem to find it more acceptable to put police on every street corner when there’s a football match than to do everyday policing to discourage the drug taking in the streets. Chesterfield never used to be like this. I dread taking my niece out for the day in case we come across this and that should never be the case in such a lovely town as Chesterfield.

A very shocked resident