LETTER: Maybe Mr Concerned should find a car park

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To Mr Concerned who won’t use his name (read his letter here).

A few points with your letter in last week’s Derbyshire times I would like to comment on.

Firstly your point about it being access only. I, as all legal road users do, pay road tax. If you don’t want them to use a road that they pay taxes for then why isn’t it a gated community and the residents paying for maintenance?

Secondly, about the local council and the sandwich shop. Have you worked before? If you have you will understand that people have their lunch break at different times so services can run smoothly incase of emergencies.

Also the sandwich shop is a small independent retailer. Would you rather all of the custom go to a giant like Tesco or Asda?

Finally, I believe that if you look up parking laws it states no one should park on a highway, either access only or a main road. 
I wondered if your relative has a drive you could use and if not maybe you should be looking for a car park to park in off the highway while visiting?

I would like to see a response to the points I have raised.

Matt Taylor

By email