LETTER: Lives were ‘disrupted’ during event

Regarding the Chesterfield half marathon, your paper put a positive spin on the event.

The hundreds of runners have to be contrasted with the thousands of people who have had their lives disrupted because of the event.

The event has been badly 
organised, as essential information has been kept out of the public domain ie the traffic management number, which should have been 
published on the road closure notices so that by arrangement local people could go about their lawful business (it took a lot of hard work and many calls to find this number!). As matters stand, the community has had to fit around the event rather than the event fitting in with the community.

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Having said that, there is no need for road closures; we have two perfectly good country parks in the borough and they could have had the race in either, runners running to their heart’s content.

Something needs to be done for future years, as the prospect of five consecutive years of chaos in the town on marathon day is unacceptable. I have made my complaints known to the organisers and the leader of the borough council.

Adrian B Rimington

By email