LETTER: Life saving drug’s withdrawal will be devastating

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It is devastating to hear that kadcyla – a crucial life-extending treatment for women with incurable secondary breast cancer – faces being withdrawn from the NHS, following the failure of NICE and the drug’s manufacturer, Roche, to reach an agreement.

Kadcyla can offer patients precious extra months – even years – of good quality time with their loved ones, with fewer side effects than other treatments. It is available in many other countries – including France, Germany and Australia – and unless NICE’s draft decision is overturned next month, this fantastic medical advance will bypass patients in England forever.

I do have a reason very close to home why I feel so strongly about this.

We are currently supporting my sister-in-law Louise Mallender through her ongoing battle with secondary breast cancer. Louise was first diagnosed with breast cancer.
That’s why I’ve backed Breast Cancer Now’s campaign to #KeepKadcyla, which calls on NICE and Roche to urgently reach a deal to ensure patients in England are not denied this very effective treatment. There is very little time left for this decision to be reversed and I urge NICE and Roche to do everything in their power to keep this drug available.

Carly Smith

Mansfeld Road, Chesterfield