LETTER: Let’s get on with it...

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So the election is over and what a great result.

We have a single party with more seats than anyone else. The leader of this party had a shock and she will now have to perform, if not we get Boris. What a thought, Boris and Trump working together.

The Irish, by becoming part of an alliance, get a chance to have a genuine influence in Parliament. 
Just like us they voted to leave the European Union and Mrs May is the only person able see this through at this time. We don’t need to vote on this again we voted ‘out’. Remember.

Speaking of having another referendum, the Scots too told Nicola Sturgeon exactly what they think. They voted to stay a part of the UK. So we don’t need a vote on that again. The results of the General Election show this.

The High Peak lost its MP and rightly so. We need someone who is in touch with the people of the Peak. I voted Conservative by the way.

As for Mr Corbyn you could make as many promises as you wanted because you knew you would not have to come good with any of them.

We voted in the referendums and we voted in the General Election. We have the results. Now get on with it.

Everyone is now out in the open. They will have to perform or get out. Onwards and upwards as a United Kingdom.

A. N. Other

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