LETTER: Intolerable behaviour is daily occurrence in once lovely town

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It’s very intimidating being a woman in Chesterfield.

While waiting to pick up a friend in the town at 6pm, I witnessed one male obviously drunk, loudly shouting and using foul language to anyone that was in the area. Also three others walking past, one beating another with a large stick. He then ran off removing his clothing showing everyone in the vicinity his bruises on his body.

Working daily in Chesterfield, I’m sorry to say this is normal behaviour in the town centre. I have witnessed drunks on the street at 11am, drugs being used in Beetwell Street car park many times and many more drink-related incidents.

Whoever is serving these people with alcohol, whether is be shops or pubs, need to be reminded that it is an offence to serve anyone under the influence and as a personal licence holder they have a legal duty to refuse service. Maybe Trading Standards, and the Licensing Authority should be looking into who is actually serving these people and start withdrawing licences.

It needs to be made impossible for this intolerable behaviour to take place in what was once a lovely town.

J. H.

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