LETTER: Idea to introduce wolves is stupid

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Local ‘green’ activists are proposing a public meeting for Wednesday October 18 to air suggestions including the introduction of wolves in Wirksworth.

Members of the Twinning Association visiting the French town of Die, on that day, will be in a good position to gather evidence of what I feel is the idea’s total stupidity.
Wolves now living in the Basses Alpes prey on livestock, as carnivorous animals may be expected to do. The results include guard dogs to protect flocks, demonstrations to defend those prosecuted for ‘accidentally’ killing wolves, parades demanding that wolves be removed from France, and more than 6,000 killings of livestock per year.
Do the nature lovers think there will be a boost to the tourist industry if Wirksworth is turned into a theme park?
Before proposing cure-alls, credible defenders of the environment should evaluate the consequences.
Two keys to sanity......’Brexit Bonkers Biofuel ‘ and ‘No Wolves for Wirksworth.’

Evan Rutherford